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Helping Your Kids Make Cents of Money - Webinar Replay

Helping Your Kids Make Cents of Money - Webinar Replay

September 25, 2020

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Melissa Making Cents!

Over the years as a financial professional I have developed a huge soft spot in my financial planning heart for certain topics. Front and center of my mind these days are our children, especially when it comes to money!

This year has been a challenge for a lot of us, and parents have taken on the task of becoming teachers, counselors, and tech support.  Most importantly, parents have become financial educators.  You may not realize it, but children learn their financial habits from watching the way their parents handle money.  In my experience as Financial Planner, I can say this is both good and bad!

Now... log off of that Amazon account and listen up!

This week we had a very informative conversation with Kimberly Sulfridge, who is the Founder of The Kids Money Project!  

Watch the video replay of our Webinar: Helping Your Kids Make Cents of Money but clicking on the picture below, or this link!

Remember... Your kids are watching!

Until next time...this is Melissa Making Cents!

Melissa Anne Cox CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is also a College Planning and Student Loan Advisor in Dallas, Texas.