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Introduction to Comprehensive College Planning

What is Comprehensive College Planning?

The Cenefits of Comprehensive College Planning

The College Pre-Approval Process

Merit and Needs

College Funding Option

Student Loans

Stages in Planning for College

Paying off Student Loans after College

College is expensive.  With tuition, books, fees, and room and board, the costs can quickly add up.  It can cost thousands of dollars to send one child to college.  If you have more than one child, the costs multiply.

College is important though.  A quality education can greatly increase a person’s lifetime earnings and can help them find a career.

While many parents have some idea of how they will pay for college, they might not have a plan and the pieces might not be connected.  They might have some money in an account like a 529 plan, they might have some idea about financial aid and be hoping for scholarships, and they might be dreading their child, or themselves, getting loans to fill the gap.

We all know that student loans are a significant issue in our society.  Student loan debt is increasing every year, and it is a significant burden to many.

Many decisions, including how a parent pays for college, can affect the overall cost of college.  How things are planned out can make a big difference.  Despite this though, many parents don’t have the information nor resources to make an effective college plan.  This is where comprehensive college planning from Fetterman Investments, Inc. provided by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and College Funding and Student Loan Advisor Melissa Cox can help. 

Through comprehensive college planning, Melissa Cox can help:

  •   to demystify the college planning process,
  •   parents and students make the right choices regarding college,
  •   parents and students understand how to pay for college,
  •   minimize student loans,
  •   fit college planning into other financial decisions like retirement planning, and
  •   help students develop a plan to pay off student loans after college.

Read through the following pages about comprehensive college planning to learn more about the process and how it can benefit you.  Melissa Cox is available for a free consultation if you need more information or if you are ready to start the college planning process.

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