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What is Comprehensive College Planning?

The Benefits of Comprehensive College Planning

The College Pre-Approval Process™

Merit and Needs

College Funding Options

Student Loans

Stages in College Planning

Paying off Student Loans after College

The Benefits of Comprehensive College Planning

Melissa Cox is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and College Funding and Student Loan Advisor.  She has the knowledge and experience to help your family make the best college buying decisions.  Paying for college can be complicated and expensive.  Through comprehensive college planning, Melissa can help by:

  •   Making paying for college less complex.
  •   Making the process for paying for college simplified and summarized.
  •   Making paying for college and college decisions more understandable.
  •   Working with families through the college paying process.
  •   Showing families how to reduce the cost of college.
  •   Developing a plan for students to pay off their student loans after graduation.
  •   Showing parents how paying for college can be accomplished along with other financial goals, like saving for retirement.

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