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What is Comprehensive College Planning?

The Benefits of Comprehensive College Planning

The College Pre-Approval Process™

Merit and Need

Student Loans

Stages in College Planning

Paying off Student Loans after College

The College Pre-Approval™ Process

College Pre-Approval™ is an important step in comprehensive college planning.  Through College Pre-Approval™, families can determine how much money is available for college, how much in student loans might be needed, and the maximum in student loans a student might get.  With this information, families can make informed college decisions.

In College Pre-Approval™, five different sources of funding are examined.  These include:

  •   Money parents have saved for college, along with other assets, and the amount they could contribute on a monthly basis
  •   Loans parents might get directly to pay for their child’s education
  •   Money a student has saved and money they could earn by working during college
  •   Student loans
  •   Money from other sources

These items are examined, along with the maximum amount a student should get in student loans.  This amount, as a rule of thumb, should not be more than the student’s expected first-year salary after graduation.

College Pre-Approval™ helps families understand their current college funding situation.  It can serve as a guide for making other decisions.

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