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What is Comprehensive College Planning?

The Benefits of Comprehensive College Planning

The College Pre-Approval Process™

Merit and Needs

College Funding Options

Student Loans

Stages in Planning for College

Paying off Student Loans after College


Comprehensive college planning is a process that helps parents and students understand how to pay for college and make the best college decisions.  College is a big purchase decision and it is one where planning and preparation can help.

College planning should start as soon as possible.  Although it is never too late to start, at the latest it should be when a student starts high school.

College planning brings a number of factors together so parents and students can:

  •   Make informed college choices.
  •   Save on college rather than just for college.
  •   Create a proactive four-year college funding plan.
  •   Make the right college buying decisions.
  •   Graduate on time with manageable student loan debt.
  •   Pay for college while taking into account other priorities such as saving for retirement.

Comprehensive college planning examines factors such as:

  •   Resources available to pay for college.
  •   The maximum student loan amount a student should get.
  •   Looking for colleges that meet financial requirements.
  •   The merit and need of the student.

With comprehensive college planning parents and students can make the best decisions regarding paying for college.

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